Video Game Addiction Awareness

Video game addiction is an excessive or compulsive use of computer and video games that interferes one’s personal and professional life. Video game addiction is yet not officially listed as a mental disorder in the mental health professional’s handbook i.e. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). But it is off the record documented as a disorder. The dramatic increase in Video gaming has brought with it a line of problematic behavior in a person


Video game addiction awareness:


·         Game begins with a reasonable limit, but it gradually increases to excess as it becomes interesting and compelling to the player.

·         Online games take you to a fantasy world that gives you an instant gratification.

·         Exposure to video games causes aggression and this exposure correlates with aggression in the real world.

·         Sustained gaming over extended periods of time is considered similar to the addictive behavior experienced in addictive drugs.


Dr. Richard Gallagher said – “Getting highly involved with video games can become addicting, and parents need to be cautious about how many hours kids play,”  Following are some important points through which one can easily determine if he is addicted to a video game or not:


Video game addiction in children:

·         They spend most of their spare time on computer video games

·         They fall asleep in school

·         Academic problem

·         They start lying about video game use, so computer privileges aren’t taken away from them.

·         They have no time for family and friends

·         They drop out of outdoor activities like picnic, clubs, sports, etc.

·         They get irritated when you ask them not play video games


Video game addiction in adults:

·         They get obsessed about computer games or playing video games

·         They start neglecting personal relationships with friends and family

·         They face difficulty in maintaining personal or professional responsibilities

·         They start lying to others about computer or video game use.

·         They spend most of their time thinking they could be playing their favorite game

·         They  become so involved in playing games, they don’t get proper sleep

·         They start  experiencing many  physical problem like backaches, dry eyes or headaches after playing video games

·         They sometime even loss their job

·         They have to face serious family issues and conflicts

·         They start ignoring warnings given by others

·         They frequently spend a disproportionate amount of money on computer-related items


Following are some ways for treating video game addiction:

·         Consult an expert counselor

·         Try to balance between the time spent on video games and other responsibilities

·         medications

Many countries like South Korea, China, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States, have opened many treatment centers for people suffering from video game addiction. One can also get various video game addiction support groups on the web. These online websites and group help you in orienting and pointing your problem in the right direction. They provide various blog article, a quiz that will definitely help in identifying the reason behind your addiction.


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