How to Reduce The Electricity Bills

For both Commercial and Domestic places, we need to use electricity in our daily life. There are many electrical home appliances, without which we can’t think our regular activities. Many peoples badly pay high electricity bills at the end of the month. So, now a day, people are looking for some alternative ways, like cheap electricity to save money of their hard earned. It’s very easy to save high electricity bills by own responsibilities without paying more to Electrical Companies.

Here are some ways by which we can save electricity:

  1. We should check the lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, TV and other home appliances are being switched off or not when they are not being used.
  2. Many Companies do regular checking at night to reduce electrical light loads if there are any lights are switched on in a cabin without any staffs.
  3. By using a solar panel, we can save energy without any degradation of nature.
  4. Wind turbines and magnetic devices for electricity are also good for saving electricity.
  5. Big Companies use Magnetic amplifiers and capacitor bank to save energy.

Solar energy is most economical to generate electricity at very cheap price with low maintenance. And it’s available in the market also. But the installation charge and the rate of the solar panel is as high as per its demand. So people are concentrating on magnetic devices as their alternative energy savers.

For saving electricity prominently, we need to know the basic knowledge of the generating of electricity. Generally, for produce electricity, we use magnetic energy and convert it into electrical energy. We know that same magnetic poles repel and opposite magnetic field attracts each other. When the two opposite magnetic field produces a magnetic field and we try to cut that field with a coil, a minute electricity produced in the coil. So, if we want to increase the quantity of electricity we need to make the magnetic field strength and also need to increase the turns of the coil so that the coil can cut as many as a magnetic field.

As per Faraday’s law, “electro magnetic field is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux linkages”.  So as much as the strength of the magnetic flux, as much as the electrical energy we can generate.  The generator works on this law. The generator uses a changing magnetic field and a rotating coil to cut the magnetic flux and produce electrical energy. So, using of magnetic device we can easily save energy even when the wind is not more and sun covered by clouds. It can generate energy without any interruption. That’s why magnetic devices are being more popular in the passing day. And anyone can easily get magnetic devices anywhere with low cost. In market various range electrical ratings magnetic devices with different size available so that you can keep it anywhere at your home.  And environmentally it’s also efficient and dust free, not make anything harmful for nature. By the magnetic device, we can fight the high electricity bills at our domestic and commercial areas very easily.

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